Good design is timeless

To pursue a great design — one requires an aesthetic sense, talent, extensive research, precision, desire and persistence. These are my tools of the trade.

Let me now introduce you to my skills & eperience.
Graphic DesignWeb DesignUI DesignUX DesignBranding
Editorial DesignLogos & MarksPackagingArt DirectionProduct Design
My name is Jakub Kejha. I’m an independent designer. I have mostly worked as a contractor for hire, or
on a freelance basis. Nevertheless — I have experience working for agencies and renowned companies as well.
Part One  -  Web and interface design(2000 - 2019)
doubledouble  -  UI/UX design, Branding(iOS APPS / 2017)
Pairprep  -  UI/UX Design, Branding(Desktop / 2012)
KBC Group  -  Mobile Banking Application Suite(2011 – 2014)
iPhone Apps  -  Manic Trivia / Arounder touch(2009 – 2011)
Kutná Hora Brewery  -  Website Design & Campaign(Desktop & Mobile)

A little distraction ...

» Hope you’re enjoying the presentation! There’s so much more I’d love to share with you — new projects, work in progress, more visuals, etc.

Few things are still under NDA, but I’m already preparing another update in my free time. I was too busy lately and my website got dusty …
In the meantime, you can stalk me elsewhere:
I have spent most of my life working as a designer. It all started in early ’90s when I was introduced to Photoshop (2.0 at the time). Digital design underwent a rapid evolution. I was part of that; got interested in desktop publishing and print design. Internet and web technologies were still quite limited. I’ve engaged in interface and user-experience design casually and started studying computer graphics and printing technologies. Around the year 2000 I’ve joined the industry and worked as a designer for an advertising agency.

aining enough experience by working with         several big design studios and after estabi-lishing myself, I’ve decided to stay fully freelance. I had own clients and wanted to focus more on web and interaction design.

It was in mid-2000s when I’ve got a tempting offer — to create and design a gourmet magazine for a renowned publishing house. A consultant from Condé Nast convinced me, even though it was a whole new experience. I have later became an art-director in the company.

Fast-forward to 2008. After finishing the design for a new lifestyle magazine, I looked for next big opportunity. The timing was ideal …

I was rocking my iPhone 3G and App Store was just a brand new thing. I was inspired. Guys from Tapmates Inc. hooked-up with me and we’ve started designing iPhone applications.

It was a great success that kickstarted my career as an intrerface and user-experience designer. Since then I’ve worked with a sheer amount of clients from around the world on various projects (iOS and Android applications, website designs, branding. etc.), mostly remotely or as a freelancer.

My name is Jakub Kejha. And I’m an indepedent designer.

Clients / Companies


Where do you reside?
“Europe, Prague.”
Can I (we) hire you?
“Yes. Contact me directly."
Best way to contact you?
E-mail —
Do you code?
“HTML/CSS, some JS.”
Allow me a day or two to respond. I might be in a different timezone.