I design websites, user interfaces, mobile applications, brands, logos, corporate identities and a lof of other stuff.

You can contact or hire me via my e-mail.

Now, please enjoy the portfolio ...

I'm a web designer since Y2K. Here's something more recent.
Let me tell you bit more about the design process.

It's not just about the visual design. The aesthetics are very important, of course, but there's more to it. It would be so easy if we only had to care about what we see. User experience design is about how the whole thing works, and how users feel using it.

To achieve great UX, you have to care about the site's code. Good websites are optimized, compatible, functional and easy to use.

I deliver the design in high quality and responsive, mobile optimized HTML 5 / CSS3 markup, coded along with JavaScript.
There's also a lot of wireframing involved. But who cares about that? Let's look at great design instead!
I love designing mobile apps - they always define the future.

I've started designing mobile apps back when iPhone 2 was out. Since then a lot of things changed and mobile market is a big business now. Yet there's still a lot of room for improvement.

Have a great idea for an app?
Let's create something amazing together ...

I'm convinced that every great app deserves an outstanding icon.
I design iPad applications as well.
About the branding I've mentioned in the beginning ... Here you go!
But every brand starts with a logo or a concept first.
And what about the "other stuff" ... is there more?
There's so much more. So much stuff I would love to show you. But I didn't want to make this site endless. I've decided to include just a fraction of my work.
I can't use all the time to work on my personal presentation, and there are projects I can't publish yet, unfortunately.
But you know what? Go check the Q & A. I will keep this site updated and I will include new stuff in near future. Feel free to come back!
And for now - here's a bag of crispy chips I've designed. Yes, I can do packaging design as well.
This isn't the end yet. Here's the Q & A!
Q: Can you tell me bit more about yourself?
A: Sure. My name is Jakub Kejha. I'm from Prague (one of the most beautiful European cities, by the way). I'm in the industry since the year 2000. I've worked for international advertising agencies, design studios and I was an art director in a big publishing house. After several years I've decided it's time to be independent and focus on what I love, so I went freelance. Since then I've had an opportunity to work with various clients from around the world and I've gained a lot of experience on some amazing projects.
Q: Can I find you on any social networks?
Q: How can I contact you directly?
Q: Are you available for long or short-term projects?
A: E-mail me at: hello@shd4.me
A: Currently both.
Q: Can I hire you to work on my project?
Q: Are you willing to relocate?
A: Of course! I'm a freelance designer.
Use my email address to contact me.
A: I might be, eventually. Try me. There's still
a chance ...
* Please give me a day or two to respond, as I'm getting a lot of emails lately. And I also might be in different time-zone.